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Welcome to ArtMeta – a breathtaking, virtual reality 3D Metaverse connecting artists and galleries directly to their collectors.



As ArtMeta connects artists and collectors in a visionary, beautifully rendered digital universe, it has created a unique new paradigm for displaying and selling art in an emerging and fast growing market.

NFT Sales

NFT sales have so far hit around $3.5bn in the first three quarters
of this year, according to the Hiscox Online Art Trade Report 2021.
The report found that total online art sales reached $6.8bn in the
first half of 2021—and could hit $13.5bn by the end of this year.

-The Art Newspaper
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The problem we solve

Artists and galleries will be able to showcase their artworks in an unprecedented environment. They can sell their physical, tokenized or digital art, such as NFTs, directly to millions of people around the world.


Dont know how to make NFTs


Want to get a foot into growing $2.4 Billion* Market


Want to buy relevant art
get a studio that finances, develops and produces high end-NFT’s that will translate to the digital community
get guidance and access to a fast growing market and new clients
…and a new, additional and sustainable income source
Digital Community

get to collect relevant, value and top quality works of art

…from a trusted platform

More about our world

This hyper realistic world is based on an imaginary city conceived by painter Jonathan Delachaux and digital artist Romain Donnot. They created a mysterious city on an island where all places would be digital but photo realistic.

Art enthusiasts and collectors will be able to purchase extremely rare NFT based artwork from world class galleries and artists.

In this beautiful city all doors are open to you and you can visit an infinite number of rooms and places, inside and outside, discover great art or just go for a walk and gain surprising insights.



Seed Round @ Trust Swap Private Round @ Trust Swap Public Round @ Trust Swap Set up of development team Set up of sourcing team Infrastructure/security implementation.


Development of Alpha Version Art Metaverse Onboarding of Tier 1 Key Galleries and Artists Production and Sales of NFTs Rental of objects.


Development of Beta Version Art Metaverse Scaling up of Metaverse Participants.


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Roger Haas

CEO, Head of Sourcing

Former acting director @ Art Stations Foundation / Muzeum Susch, 2020

Founder and director @ offspace online, 2011-2019

Founder and director @ Haas & Fischer Gallery, Zürich 2005-2011

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Romain Donnot

CTO, Head of Platform Development

Co-Creator Art Metaverse

Digital Artist

Virtual Production Supervisor, Live FX Supervisor

Head of Post-Production, Volumetric Camera Systems, Inc, Vancouver Canada with Neill Blomkamp (Director) for “Demonic” 2021 (Netflix Production)

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Jonathan Delachaux

Artistic Director

Co-Creator Art Metaverse
Visual Artist (graduate from HEAD Geneva)

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